SoundCloud is one of the vast music platforms that have more than 175 million listeners. We all listen to SoundCloud when we wish to hear our favorite music or even share our own music on the platform to attract new fans. Sharing music on SoundCloud is one of the best ways by which you can always get a good source of followers and more plays on SoundCloud. It is indeed tough for any new comer on SoundCloud to get more followers as well as plays. But there are always certain ways which you can take help from in order to get a boost to your music. But how can you easily locate your listeners and convince them to listen to your music? Here is a complete guide on How to get more plays on SoundCloud free.

plays on SoundCloud free

How to get more plays on SoundCloud free

1. Share:

One of the most important steps that you always need to follow is to share your SoundCloud music regularly. For this, you need to have a minimum number of tracks on your account. You can use any social media site like Facebook, Twitter or even different platforms. When you release a new track or a set of music, make sure that everyone is being able to listen to it. Try to share it in all the social media accounts which have a large number of traffic. This will allow you to get more plays easily and without any hesitation at all. You can also look for many social media influencers to get promotional help. This will allow millions of online listeners to listen to your plays.

2. Be Free:

The next big thing that you need to do is to be free. There are many SoundCloud that can be purchased to listen to. Obviously by placing your SoundCloud for charge can get you a good income, but if you are new, it can be a horrible decision. A lot of people may not at all know about your music and so nobody will like to purchase and listen to it. But with making the SoundCloud music free, it can be easily available for everyone to listen to your music completely. Thus, having it free may lead you to a lot of benefits. Free download have a certain type of virility. This always helps in getting new traffic to your plays and more listeners at the same time.

3. Buy Followers:

Getting SoundCloud followers naturally may be a long time taking process and it may end up in resulting your lost and patience and will to get more followers. But if you need to make use of this platform, you always need to have a good number of listeners to your music. Start off with purchasing SoundCloud plays and followers. Buying SoundCloud plays is a great step to kick starts your track and making it a great move for your new followers. People like to listen to songs which have more views or followers. This gives you the space  to promote your song and make a vivid result. Buying SoundCloud plays means that you can always save your time, effort and contribute them to develop your music.

4. Join Groups:

SoundCloud allows you to share your music in different platforms, groups and communities. But it is always necessary for you to keep sharing. Also, if you are enthusiastic about making more development of your music, you can always join some of the SoundCloud groups. It influences heavily in getting you more traffic, talk about the music, and know more about the trend. There are millions of people who are sharing their thoughts always and getting huge amount of traffic. Try to join some of the SoundCloud groups present and share more about your videos to gain better traffic. It is always easy and effective at the same time.


Getting the best out from SoundCloud requires patience and effort. But if you consider buying more free SoundCloud plays, you can always get more traffic and people to listen to your music. It always gives you a lot of advantages at the same time. It’s easy and effective always to give your music a big boost.